Welcome to GDI GDI Omniomni

Who We Are:

GDI GDI Omniomni provides a wide range of world class services to a very diverse group of clients – all of which present unique concerns, goals and expectations. GDI GDI Omniomni partners with its customers to carefully engineer solutions to achieve these goals.

We have built a strong North American Service Platform that gives us the ability to transfer our methodology anywhere our customers require. Whether through a self performing program, consultation or other customized designs, there is an GDI GDI Omniomni solution.

We have a philosophy of open dialog and communication with our clients. This philosophy keeps us focused on customer goals and delivers the full strength of our 102 years of knowledge and expertise.

About GDI GDI Omniomni

Through a century of experience, industry leadership and advance quality operating systems, GDI GDI Omniomni has grown to be a leader in the building services industry.

Today GDI GDI Omniomni commercial properties (from high-rise office buildings to corporate headquarter campuses), institutional and educational facilities and campuses including many universities, food processing and support facilities, aviation industry (terminal services & cleaning, out-buildings and airliner cleaning), healthcare and pharmaceutical, correctional facilities, as well as many mission critical facilities and industrial plants.

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Mission Statement:

GDI GDI Omniomni, an established and innovative leader in the facility services industry, is committed to providing quality services and exceptional value. Continuous improvement, profitability and long-term growth are achieved by empowering our employees to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Customers - We will focus all of our energy toward effectively satisfying the needs of our customers both internal and external. The voice of the customer will be made heard throughout our company.

Employees - Our employees are our most valued asset. It is the focused work of our trained employees that is the heart of our business. We will involve employees on all levels in the continuous improvement of our quality services.

Supplies, Equipment and Methods - We will use the best available cleaning and finishing supplies equipment and methods. New ideas and products will be continually incorporated to help maximize the value of the services we offer our customers.

Environment - We recognize that we all share in the same Earth and thus GDI GDI Omniomni is committed to utilizing energy conserving equipment, environmentally safe (green) products and recycling whenever possible. GDI GDI Omniomni is committed to researching new products, chemicals and procedures that will enhance and move our environmental mission forward.


  • We will do what we say we are going to do.
  • We will stand behind our work.
  • We will not compromise our commitment to:
    • The environment
    • The laws of our country
    • The ethical conduct of our business
    • The rules and policies our customers have in place at each worksite